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When you register for any of Trinity Charities program or contact us regarding holding an event on behalf of Trinity Charities, we will provide you with a fundraising pack jammed full of ideas.

The team at Trinity Charities will also always be on hand to provide you with advice and support to encourage you throughout your fundraising.

Fundraising be fun! Here are a few ideas we came up with to jump start your imagination:





Clear out those long ignored bedroom drawers and hold a jumble sale!
Hold a special Trinity Charities Party
Get your local elementary school involved, and hold a fashion show for the children (and their parents).
Take over your community centre for the evening, and hold a quiz or concert.
Do you work in a high-rise building? You could set a week to use the steps instead of the lift and get people to sponsor you.



Start Planning

Follow these 5 points of how to get started and you are already half way on your way to organising a fantastic event.


What kind of event will you be holding? Set yourself a realistic goal and make sure that you stick to your budget. Make sure that you keep your event nice and simple, as these are often the most successful.  


Size of venue? Is it accessible by public transport? Does it have disability access? Do you need any extra equipment or materials? Are there catering facilities? Ask if the venue is insured and whether it has a liquor and entertainment license.


Date and time? Consider the weather. Try not to clash with holidays, festivals, local fetes and events. Allow sufficient time for booking the venue and resources. 


Decide who to invite. Friends, family, colleagues, suppliers.... How many people do you want to invite? What is the capacity of the venue? Consider a Guest list and invitations. 


How will you promote your event? What will you need to do this – posters, invitations, internet or word of mouth? What extra help will you need on the day? Are there other ways of fundraising? Make sure you make a plan, as organization is the key to success.

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